2017 Digital Psychology & Emotional Design Workshops - USA & Canada

For 2017, I’m running a smaller number of week-long workshops in Toronto, New York, Chicago, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Palo Alto. Here’s my lineup of 2017 workshops:

Emotional Design Psychology [E2] (2-Day)
Our emotional design workshop covers the latest psychology and neuroscience of user emotions, with a focus on interactive design, UX and digital marketing applications. During this workshop, you’ll take a deep-dive into the neuroscience of user cognition, emotion, motivation and behavior. By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand the full spectrum of user emotions, recognize how to avoid triggering unpleasant user experiences, and possess new skills in applying emotional design to websites, apps and campaigns.

Upcoming E2 workshops:

  • Toronto: 23-24 Mar 2017
  • New York: 5-6 Apr 2017
  • Chicago: 18-19 May 2017
  • Ottawa: 25-26 May 2017
  • Toronto: 2-3 Nov 2017
  • Vancouver: 16-17 Nov 2017
  • Palo Alto: 30 Nov -1 Dec 2017

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Psychology for Digital Behavior Change [P2] (2-Day)
In our foundational workshop, you’ll learn the core psychological design principles that drive the world’s most successful websites, mobile apps, and campaigns. You’ll be able to recognize and apply over 40 behavioral science principles, reverse engineer your competitors’ psychological strategies, build psychology-infused wireframes and optimize them. After completing this workshop, you will then qualify to take our advanced workshop A1.

Upcoming P2 workshops:

  • Toronto: 20-21 Mar 2017
  • New York: 3-4 Apr 2017
  • Chicago: 15-16 May 2017
  • Toronto: 30-31 Oct 2017
  • Vancouver: 14-15 Nov 2017
  • Palo Alto: 27-28 Nov 2017

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Psychological Architectures of Digital Behavior Change [A1] (1-Day)
In this advanced workshop, you’ll learn about psychological architectures – the winning design patterns that drive influential campaigns and technologies. You’ll learn 10 new principles of feedback psychology, and develop skills in applying psychological architectures from popular patterns including gamification, landing pages, habit loops, stages of change, and more.

Upcoming A1 workshops:

  • Toronto: 22 Mar 2017
  • Chicago: 17 May 2017
  • Toronto: 1 Nov 2017
  • Palo Alto: 29 Nov 2017

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