Announcing Interaction Design Education Summit 2016 Registration, Call for Proposals and Keynote Speakers

IxD Education Summit will be holding it’s fourth edition as part of Interaction 16 week in Helsinki, Finland, hosted by Aalto University’s School of Art, Design and Architecture. This year’s program will commence on the evening of Sunday, Feb 28 with our first keynote followed by a reception. Then on Monday, Feb 29 we will have a full day mini-conference.

Our keynotes are from around the world and represent different parts of the education ecosystem: Xiangyang Xin from China, Kim Goodwin from the US, and Andy Budd from the UK will bring their unique stories to our plenary sessions.

We also want to hear from YOU, the community at large, so like last year we’re inviting your participation through our Call for Proposals. This year we will again have presentations, but we are changing up the workshop format. Instead of tutorials like last year, we want people interested in leading working sessions on topics they are passionate about. Together, We want to add to the discourse, and contribute to the community beyond the Summit itself.We’re confident that there are quite a few of you eager to do so.

Registration is now open! Registration this year is completely separate from Interaction 16. So don’t go looking for us on the main conference web site. You’ll need to register on our site dedicated to the Education Summit and your registration will be managed completely separately.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the website! Register. Submit your best ideas for contributing to the community.The entire committee is very excited to see you in a few months in Helsinki.

Your Co-Chairs,
Dave Malouf & Fred Beecher

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