Any Interaction or Service design camps, short courses, workshops?

Hi everyone,
I’m a new member of ixda.

I’ve been working as a graphic designer for 4 years and recently caught up with Interaction design field. I’m reading books and articles about the discipline and considering Master programs as well. However, before committing myself fully to this career path I want to get a brief yet relevant experience in this field to get a realistic idea about the industry and whether my personality and skillets would fit well.

For that reason, I’m looking for camps, short courses, workshops that ideally cover fundamental of interaction or service design. I’m based in the UK but i’m also open to opportunities in Europe.

I know CIID has summer school but it’s already gone.

Thanks for sharing!

Bora Kim

Hi Bora,

There’s UXcamp coming up in Amsterdam (12 Sept)
There are also several courses and workshops here, including the ones organized by IxDA Nederland, but most are in Dutch - guess that’s not an option.

Did you consider online courses? For example:

  • Yohan
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Hi Yohan,

Pity that I can’t understand Dutch. Thanks for suggestions anyway!

“…get a realistic idea about the industry and whether my personality and skillets would fit well.”

Well, my skillets are cast iron, enameled cast iron, all clad, cuisinart… OH!! I think you meant skills… SKILLS :slight_smile: Sorry, couldn’t resist. :->

This is a tough question to answer. I personally went to grad school & got the MS in UXD, BUT… that still doesn’t mean the tech industry will take you seriously. You need to have a portfolio of work that shows the process, not just the end result. This will give everyone an idea of how you approach things. And that is more likely to land you into places with ‘common’ minds.

I currently work in an environment that isn’t UX savvy. This is difficult, and requires a LOT of ‘sales’ ability and diplomacy. :-z As a co-worker of mine just said to me: “you’ve won the battle, but you might not win the war.” This is NOT for the faint of heart. IF you can procure a job in an environment where UX is already established, this will give you a good base of support, and you will learn a LOT. Aim for those types of positions. It’s a really good start.

Hi Margaret!

Thanks for correcting the spell mistake and for your thoughts on how to get closer to the career path.:smile:

I have also thought about applying for internships or jobs. And I wonder whether “You need to have a portfolio of work that shows the process, not just the end result. This will give everyone an idea of how you approach things.” this will work the same for my graphic design portfolio (packaging, stationery, paper goods) by showing my user-centered approach and how I tackled the project. As I haven’t been involved in any form of education or activity in IXD that’s what I’ve got. Do you think IXD or UX industry would consider my application as relevant to the positions?

Hi Bora,
I can’t say for all company, but since most company hire UX Designers for interactive project, it will be good if you can showcase those instead. Also I would say case studies are more effective compare to portfolio.

Example of what to put in the case studies: project brief, initial steps you take (stake holders interview, target audience, persona, etc), then maybe goes to information architect and wireframe and explaining design choices you make, and end it with conclusion. You could always make mock project if needed as well.


Hi Bora,

Have you checked out Global Service Jam? It’s like a barcamp + hackathon for service design.

If you’re interested in service design, check out the Service Design Network as well. There’s a Service Design UK chapter so that might be another good place to meet people.

If you’re in London, do ping me an email as I run IxDA London.


Hi Jane,
Making mock projects seem quite achievable with the details you shared. Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Hi Boon,
I’ve already joined IxDA London! Glad to talk to you here.
The idea behind Global Service Jam is interesting and fresh! Thank you so much for the suggestion.
Will email you before my visit to London.


Hi Bora ,

Saw all the good advice you got .
Red & Yellow , School for Logic and Magic has a great 7 week UX Short Course . They are in Cape Town , South Africa .

The Interaction Design Foundation in Copenhagen has the biggest variety of UX /HCI etc etc Short Courses , all online . I did a few and it was truly great .

Regards ,

UCT in Cape Town South Africa just launched a very cool UX short courses via their sister company , GetSmarter.
Worth checking out .

UCT is known as 1 of the top research universities worldwide .