Any recommendations on audio transcription services?

Iโ€™m conducting a lot of user depth interviews and the audio recordings from these need to be converted to text to help us analyse it.

Does anybody know of a trustworthy supplier for these? Ideally they need to be cheap, fast and good :smile:

My priorities are:

  • Quick turnaround (~24 hours)
  • Suitable for confidential research

Keen to learn about any experiences, good or bad. Thanks a lot.

This is a late reply, but I have been using Verbalink for the past 8 years and they are excellent โ€“ prompt, professional, great transcripts. It is easy to upload files or provide dropbox or other file URLS. They also have a calculator on their front page so you can know about how much itโ€™s going to cost up front.

Thanks Paula. They look a lot more reliable than the company I ended up using :smile:
Iโ€™ll bookmark verbalink.