Are event announcements appropriate?

I didn’t see it covered explicitly in the FAQ — but are event/workshop announcements welcome here?

If so would a separate event/announcement category be a good idea?

As an event producer, I’d love an answer to this lovely question.

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We’ve always welcomed event announcements in the discussions, and @adrianh your suggestion of an “events” category is great, I will get that setup.

We don’t allow solicitation or direct sales though, so sometimes there’s a fine line that we need to negotiate.

I will admit I don’t understand what this means.

If I post one of UIE’s events, directing people to the page that lets them register, is that an announcement or solicitation? Are we not allowed to mention the price or a discount to IxDA folks?

Please help me understand what you mean by solicitation or direct sales. I’d rather not get into trouble on my first post.

@jmspool it’s a good point of clarification, and one that’s always been a little fuzzy.

Historically, we’ve been ok with event announcements, including discounts and registration links. We don’t allow sales of services/for hire and that type of solicitation. I may have mixed my messages a bit in the previous post.

Ok. Curious about the “sales of services” bit now. Again, just because I don’t want to break any rules.

If we post about our All You Can Learn service, where we’d give IxDA members access to the library of UIE Virtual Seminars for an extended free trial or a discount, is that a violation? Or desirable? (Because, well, we’d like to do that.)

Good question. I’d love to hear other people’s view on this, as it’s not really a “rule” as much as a community guideline… thus it would be awesome if it’s driven by the community.

IMO, I tend to dislike sales offering professional services (i.e. “i’m a designer, hire me for your project”) and don’t mind promotion of things that will benefit the community (i.e. courses, events, etc).

Ok. I understand now.

I wonder if there is value to people offering their services in some forum on the site. After all, demand for designers is very high in some geographic regions, where the supply is low. And there are folks in other regions where the demand is low and are having trouble finding opportunities.

Is IxDA a place where those in demand can reach those with supply? I can see not cluttering the general discussions with it, but it does seem like something valuable to provide.

@jmspool thanks for raising the issue. I totally agree that we should be open to the different ways these forums could provide value to the community. Our current focus is on rebuilding the vibrant, engaged venue for discussion and debate that the IxDA mailing list was back in the day. It seems to be working, which is so exciting! Thank you for contributing to some of the lively discussions - your participation always takes the conversation to interesting (and edifying) places. As to other types of posts…

We ask that job postings be submitted via the job board as these are an important source of revenue for us. I do agree with Matt that, properly categorized, announcements of events that would interest the group should be welcome here. As far as publication of services for hire (either by individuals or companies), you make a good point that this could benefit the group. Do you envision this as a simple directory of consultants / firms similar to what other professional orgs have done?