Best College for HCI / IxD / UxD outside US?

I am a graduate in Computer Application. I want to pursue my carrier as a UI/UX designer. I am confused with two things. Firstly which course to go for out of HCI / IxD / UxD. Secondly which university to go for outside US.
I have applied for Ms HCI in University of Nottingham but I am a bit confused whether to go with it or not.

It would be great if anyone can help me out with this.

Thank You. :slight_smile:

Hello Aditya ,

Ito an online offering the Interaction Design Foundation is probably the best on the globe , Google them , they’re in Copenhagen . Membership comes at 98 USD p.a. and you have access to a global audience and the biggest online library I have come across .

Ito a traditional contact scenario you can look at the Open Window in South Africa , www,
They have a newly accredited Interaction degree of world class standard and is probably the best and latest value add in the UX space .
You can send me your Email address to and I will fwd you their International Student Program.

Regarding a sensible course selection anything UX related is a good start and this will lead to IxD , HCI etc anyway .

Best regards ,

I can also recommend the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design ( The program leaders were with my grad program in Italy (now since merged with Domus in Milan, but I haven’t heard much from that program). The Royal College of Art was also a great program for the art side of interaction design, but I’m not sure what’s happening with it now that Raby & Dunn have left.

Hello Dereck

Thank you for your reply. I’ll went through the links.
Online courses do not impress me much. I’m interested in a full time course in ui/ux. So I’m really confused in choosing one in UK.