Best practices for meeting with clients

I’m part of team that does internal UX consulting for a medium-sized company. I want to make sure we’re always putting on our best face whenever we’re interacting with our internal clients. I’m thinking about some sort of checklist to go through after every meeting. It might include things like:

Initial meeting

  • Did we properly explain what UX is and how our team practices it?
  • Did we get a full understanding of the client’s problem?
  • Did we propose at least 3 different ways we can help?
  • Did our interactions make the client feel good about themselves and our team?

Followup meetings

  • Did our work / meeting content match what the client was expecting?
  • Did we leave with clear action items and next steps?
  • Is the client happy with our progress?

I wonder if anybody who has experience doing real-world consulting can help us refine these or point us to any literature on the subject?


You are on the right track. Recommend that you ask more external questions, then use your questions as part of a debrief. For example:

PREPARE for the Meeting – What do you know about…

  • The decision maker? Are they UX savvy, with experience in developing digital products?
  • The product and the impact it will/may have on the company? Revenue, customer service, new market expansion, new product line, etc. The high the visibility and risk (gain or loss), the more they’ll invest in the solution.
  • Potential objections about you, incorporating UX methodologies, cost, turnaround, preference to use external resources, etc.? How can we overcome objections with positive solutions and alternatives?
  • Given what we know now, what are 2 or 3 alternatives that we could recommend?
  • How do they manage projects? Is it in line with your team? e.g., Agile, waterfall, etc.

DURING the client meeting: (leads to drill down questions)

  • Tell me about the project and how it fits into the organization’s or your department’s goals?
  • What specifically are you looking for our help with?
  • Do you follow a specific development or project management process? What is it?
  • Who else will be providing approvals for this project?
  • How familiar are you with UX principles and methodologies, or the impact UX has on a digital product?
  • In terms of getting started, here’s our process… Do you have any questions?
  • Our next steps will then be to… (send follow up documentation)

POST Meeting

  • Use all the questions you listed above.

ALWAYS send your clients an agenda ahead of time so they can think about things before your meeting. Do not be afraid to give them homework. For example:


  • Introductions (to one another if this is your first meeting)
  • Meeting objectives (what are the 2 or 3 things you want to walk away from this meeting and what’s in it for them)
  • Project overview, challenges and potential (what is the project, problem areas - usually in metrics like customer satisfaction - and how visible is the projec to the organization and it’s impact on the company’s/department’s goals and missions)
  • Discuss potential solutions
  • Next steps

Your internal clients will LOVE you, and you will walk away more informed and confident that you can be of service to your colleagues and company!

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  • Did we get an understanding of who the clients customers are?
  • Do we have a confidence that we can help? i.e. is this project right for us?


This is great, thank you!