Call for Automotive UX Designers - anybody else here?

UX design is tough in the automotive industry, secrecy is but one of the worst obstacles in a practice that I enjoyed embracing first and foremost because of its open nature. I am a strong believer in sharing knowledge as the key to progress and innovation.

That said, there is not much I can share about what I do ( nor does anybody who works for a company that requested more than one NDA to be signed, and compels you to put numbered security stickers on your phone cameras to protect yourself from inadvertently taking pictures of sensitive material ).


I’d love to find fellow UX designers that work in this old-fashioned business, trying to bring it up to speed with the rest of the world. Maybe we can share links, and tricks to make our workflow faster and more reliable.
In the end, the adoption of GUI technologies such as Flash and HTML5 to build the top layer of automotive HMI’s brings us closer to the workflow that web designers are accustomed to.

Anyway, this was just to say HI! :slight_smile:

Hehe, really nicely said, so we are already two like minded automotive UX designers here. :slight_smile:

Hi there Glicien!

nice to hear another voice in this field!
How long have you been working?

I have a broad background, having started working on new media design in 1997, got a Product Design degree in Milan, Italy in 2006 while working full time on Rich Internet Applications and mobile websites. Was employed by Fiat Auto in 2008 to become an automotive designer ( the right word would be “stylist” anyway ), tried exterior design and moved to interior.
After five years an opportunity opened to put a leg back into interface design and so I’m now leading a team for in-car GUI/UI design.

I’m thinking about starting a blog where UX/UI designers specialized on web and mobile apps can understand how the automotive industry works and why it’s like that. I believe I need to create a connection between automotive manufacturing, digital design and especially schools and hobbyists, in other words lay down a network of knowledge to boost innovation.

Hello there…
I’m not working specifically in automotive industry but my area of expertise is quiet the same. I’m working as interaction designer in a world leading Mining and construction industry designing the GUI and MMI and Control rooms for super complex machines. I would love to learn more about the way you do the IxD magic in automotive. I would love to talk and share experiences.

It would be nice to set up an online conference, so anyone that is interested can join and have a conversation.
It would be much faster than just typing in a forum.

Hi… good to hear from people who work on this niche domain. I have my fair share of experiences working in Auto/Aero & Manufacturing domain based Web Applications and Mobile Apps. Would love to share my experiences and learn more from you guys.

Cheers :smile:


I started with UX/UI design three years ago. Im working on interior prototypes (from hardware components to software look and feel) for german automakers (those who put stickers on your phone).
A platform for sharing ideas, videos, photos, tips & tricks and for chat would be great.


I don’t know how much we can do/share, more than a collective Pinterest page where we can aggregate links to public material :smile:

Glicien, so you work on hardware too? I am soldering Arduino pins every now and then… there is so much to learn from hobbyists!

Yes, usually every prototype starts with an simple Arduino prototype, because of its extreme flexibility and fast workflow. And as u said the Arduino community is huge, you can build so many things.

Just wanted to chime in here with appreciation for UX in one of the trickiest frontiers! I’ve been designing for a mobile startup related to automotive UI. Would love to connect with others and discuss the craft.

I’m just starting to move into Voice-based HMI with traditional graphical interface as backup. Anyone else out there struggling with this strange area?

Hey, I dont do voice, hope u will find someone in the same area.

Ascanio, nice to meet you. I am leading the UI/UX design for CNH industrial in BurrRidge, the Agricultural line. Working with dashboards and much more.

Hi Natalia! Did you get a chance to see the HMI in the Iveco Vision Concept 2013?