Call for Papers - AVIxD Voice Interaction Design Journal

The Association for Voice Interaction Design (AVIxD) announces the creation of a new professional journal, Voice Interaction Design, and invites practitioners and researchers to submit papers for possible inclusion in the Journal.

Journal Details
The journal is to be a peer-reviewed professional publication that focuses on the use of voice technologies to design, test, and deploy user interfaces that are effective, efficient, effortless, and satisfying. The full title of the Journal is: Voice Interaction Design: The Journal of the Association for Voice Interaction Design (AVIxD). The Journal will be published electronically in pdf format. There will be two issues per year, with publication dates on April 1 and October 1. Each new issue will be posted on the AVIxD website, and may be read directly online or downloaded on an article-by-article basis. The first issue will be October 1, 2015.

In some cases, the Editorial Board may create a Special Issue with a specific theme. Papers that are appropriate to such a theme may be reserved for the Special Issue rather than being published in the current issue regardless of timing.

Submission Guidelines
The Editorial Board welcomes papers on any topic related to voice interaction. Suggested topics might include:
• Dialog design techniques and methods for different settings (e.g., IVR, mobile apps, cars, etc.);
• Usability testing methods;
• Case studies;
• Grammar development, testing and/or theory;
• Machine learning and/or adaptation;
• Design representation;
• Corpus management; and,
• Design philosophy.

Papers may address these or any other topic relevant to the AVIxD community. Papers that are commercial in nature or that promote specific products will not be considered. Anyone may submit a paper – you need not be an AVIxD member. Submitted papers must be “camera-ready”, and should be submitted in both Word and PDF formats to:

Every submitted paper should consist of:
• Title with optional subtitle;
• Authors;
• Short abstract (50 – 150 words);
• Very short authors bios (name, title, association, brief credential, total 50 words);
• The body of the paper including illustrations; and,
• References.

There are no length restrictions; short papers or essays may be only 1000 words or so, while longer articles of 10,000 words or even more will be considered. The length of the abstract, illustrations, citations and references should be commensurate with and proportional to the overall length of the paper.

Submissions may be received at any time (no specific deadline), however submissions must be received by no later than August 1st for consideration for the inaugural issue. The Editorial Board will acknowledge receipt of the submission and then distribute the paper to reviewers. Papers may be accepted in current form, or reviewers may come back with recommendations for changes and updates. Neither the reviewers nor the board will insert inline edits or markup, but instead will provide any written comments via e-mail.

Accepted papers will be posted in most cases in the current online issue of the journal, allowing the current issue to grow dynamically throughout the two quarters of its life. The current issue will then be frozen on its formal issue date. Papers that do not make the freeze date will become available for publication in the next issue. As a rule of thumb, assume that any paper targeted for the first issue (October 1, 2015) must be submitted before the end of July to allow for review and publication activities. Our goal is to make publication as timely as possible, allowing quick review and immediate posting rather than delaying until some distant publication date.

The papers should conform to standard APA style guide common in the journal community. A summary of the APA style guide may be accessed at Purdue OWL (Online Writing Library) for their summary of APA style –

Editorial Board and Reviewers
The Editorial Board for the first journal issue consists of the four AVIxD Board members that currently sit on the Publications Committee:
• Bruce Balentine, Chief Scientist, Enterprise Integration Group
• Susan Hura, Principle, SpeechUsability
• James R. (Jim) Lewis, Ph.D., CHFP, Senior Human Factors Engineer, IBM Software Group
• Mark Smolensky, Principal Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Services, Inc.

Editorial Board members may review the papers themselves or may solicit special expertise from the larger AVIxD membership or from the professional community at large. Reviewers will be enlisted according to any special knowledge or expertise required to competently evaluate the submission.

Anyone interested in volunteering for an assignment as a reviewer should contact AVIxD directly