Can you share your UI/UX/design opinion on the new webpage for tech&science projects?

Hi guys,

my name is Katarzyna, I’m a co-founder of Internest ( - a virtual marketplace for top notch tech&science projects.

We’ve just launched our platform few days ago. We make sharing noteworthy projects easy, help get organized and venture into new markets. The topic is quite difficult, therefore we tried hard to make the user interface as friendly as possible.

I came here to hear the voice of professionals and see if there are any improvements we should introduce to make the website easier to use and browse through. Would you spare few minutes of your time and help us bring tech&science closer to people?:slight_smile:

What interests me the most is:

  • if the home page ( is clear, do you instantly know what the platform is about and does it make you want to register?

  • when you try to find something on the website - is it intuitive? Do you find the needed things where you expect them to be? Is anything confusing?

  • are you encouraged to (create a new account, subscribe, sign up for a free trial, etc.)? Can you tell me why (or why not)?

  • any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    Thank you in advance for all the ideas and suggestions! Oh, and the mobile version well… not quite there yet :wink:

Kind regards,

on first glance it looks interesting.

I like the interaction of the mouse with the screen in the tab panel and I think the projects listed are interesting. The question of course, how is that page going to be able the scenario when there are hundreds of projects?

TED layout might lend itself well I tentatively think.