Category Suggestions

Use this thread to suggest new categories for the forum. General design discussion is uncategorized, but we’re always happy to create new categories for popular or specific topics.

Might be nice to have sub-sections of the Education category: undergrad, post-grad, maybe continuing education (and even high school / pre-college?)

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A news category, with subsections by region, ie: Global, North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa + Middle East, Asia, could be a good way to sort region specific updates from ones that are relevant to the whole community.

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Design Theory

Let’s get nerdy!


Added! Looking forward to your first theory topic. :slight_smile:

@BrendaSan I added a news category and we can add subcats as necessary.

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How about:

  • Design Research / Research etc.
  • Library / Publications (book reviews & discussions)

The other thing worth noting is that the moderation team will be watching the topics and adding categories as we see them emerge. So please go ahead and post the content you want to discuss and we can always make it the start of a new category.

@emenel that was my thinking as well. As patterns start to emerge we can create categories the makes sense and best organize the information. I’m all for this type of emergent approach as long as the lack of categories isn’t a hinderance or barrier to people posting initial topics.