Choosing between two Master's in HCI programs

Hi. I have been admitted to the UC Berkeley School of Information’s MIMS program and University of Washington’s HCDE program for Fall 16, and I am having to make a really tough call! A bit about my background and goals - I am a computer science undergrad with experience in product design and usability testing. I am looking to make a career in user experience.

I like MIMS for it’s location and interdisciplinary nature (I can take courses in product management, business, CS et al), but I am really attracted to HCDE since as it’s a core HCI program with a deeper emphasis on the human-centered design process. MIMS on the other hand offers tremendous breadth across law, policy, data science, HCI. While either program is well-equipped to land graduates a great job, I am concerned that I might end up being more of a generalist when I receive my MIMS degree.

However, one area where MIMS trumps HCDE is in the fact that the latter as part-time students in the mix, which I am afraid can severely limit collaboration for full-time students like me.

I will most likely land a decent UX job at either program, but I want to make sure I get the best education available to me. I would greatly appreciate any inputs which can help make me an informed decision.