Compiling UX research tool

We collect our UX research in Evernote, Video and Audio clips, and we publish these results in various formats: Journey maps done in InDesign and Excel, reports in Word, Personas in InDesign, Confluence pages, even a PowerPoint presentation.
When I get free time I like to troll through all this past raw research and published results to refresh past learning and look for relations to new projects or missed gems. In my mind there is some perfect uber UI research tool that would allow me to link all these different artifacts together and through an intelligent search engine I could find related research a lot faster than trolling. And if this tool then had the ability to publish an artifact like a Journey map and then I could drill down to show the Persona, and right down to the raw research in Evernote that would be cool.
Am I dreaming that such a tool exists? Is this an Enterprise Management System - I do not want to go there.
Or is there something that perhaps does not give Nirvana, but at least makes halfway pretty usable?


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