DELVE:PRODUCT NY - 2.5 Day Masterclass on Product Design & Strategy

DELVE:PRODUCT will be a 2.5 day product design & strategy masterclass focused on the "you’ve launched, now what?” question. The event will explore the decisions, challenges and compromises product teams face after launching an MVP, v1.0 or v2.0 of their product. How do the best designers and teams find and keep momentum? How is the changing technology environment (resources, tools, methods, etc) making things easier/faster/better?

Join some of the leading product designers, managers and UX professionals from Amazon, Google, Etsy, Flipboard, IBM, Conde Nast, Spring, InVision, Betaworks and others gathered to share the things they’ve seen work (or not) that would have value for an audience of senior level digital designers and product people.

DATES: October 6-8th, 2015
October 6th - WORKSHOP: Steve Portigal - Designing for Unmet Needs at IFP MADE IN NY CENTER, 30 John Street, DUMBO
October 7th & 8th - BRIC ARTS MEDIA HOUSE, 647 Fulton Street, Bklyn

CAPACITY: 150 seats

As opposed to the traditional conference, we use the masterclass format to DELVE in one topic examined from various viewpoints — entrepreneur, designer, product manager, marketer — to give a singular, holistic view of a given design domain, founded on 4 design principles —

• Small and frequent - No bloat, limited to 100-150 participants, refreshed quarterly
• Immersive - One topic, covered from various angles
• Practice over theory - Strategies and best practices that you can use on Monday morning
• Affordable & influential - Reduced cost, maximized value with best in class speakers locally-sourced


DELVE:PRODUCT NY begins with a half-day workshop on effective user research techniques entitled, Designing for Unmet Needs with Steve Portigal, author of “Interviewing Users.”

Other highlights include:

• Building Effective Product teams with Christopher Fahey, VP Design at Spring and formerly Head of UX ZocDoc

• How Amazon Designs Next Generation Products with Tim Allen, Executive Creative Director, Product Experience Design, Amazon

• Achieving Successful Product Design with 30 Million Product Owners with Randy Hunt VP Design at Etsy

• Real-world Prototyping with Laura Cochran of Conde Nast and hands-on demo by Christopher Andersson from software maker InVision

• How to Gain and Keep Growth Momentum by DuckDuckGo founder and co-author of “Traction,” Gabriel Weinberg, who will be conducting a no-holds barred Q&A on start-up traction

• Relearning UX The Google Way with Rachel Inman, Senior Interaction Designer, Google

• Making a Product a VC Can Love with Charlie O’Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Venture Partners; Matt Hartman from Betaworks; and Nicolas Chirls of Notation Capital

If you’re in the product space either as a designer or manager (and we all are) this is the event designed to get your questions on extraordinary product development and design answered. Maximum 150 seats.