Designing for emerging technologies

Hi guys,

I was curious. Ive been looking for interaction design firms which really work closely with technology & who are into innovating interesting interactions or interactive solutions for the future. I have come across firms that are creating digital service strategies for the future (very research based projects), but i was on the look out for firms that have a more hands on approach with material.

To be more precise, I really like what IXDS does, and am on the lookout for firms that work along similar lines.

This is simply because I want some interesting firms to follow!


The London IxDA chapter curates a lot of events around some of these intersections. Recently, we organised our annual “movie night”, which featured a wide variety of videos of interaction design case studies. Here are two playlists of videos we showcased at that event:

Another comment I’ll make is that you might have better luck looking for good examples of interaction design, rather than looking for “interaction design firms” specifically. Once you find a strong source of good case studies, that will stand a higher chance of providing future reference points you are after.


thanks a lot @boon. this is a good start for me!

Hi This is another important video of interaction design. Go to :
and find out your answer. It’s helpful for you.