Digital Psychology & Emotional Design - Classes & Certification (2019)


Wanted to share an update about my upcoming 2019 classes on Digital Psychology and Emotional Design. We now provided tested certification, which is included in all our classes.

Here’s a description of each class:

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change - DBC1 (2-Day)
Learn how to recognize and apply over 40 principles of digital psychology. Develop new skills in auditing the psychology behind various technologies and learn new approaches to building human-centered technology.

Upcoming DBC1 Classes:

  • Toronto [1]: 8-9 Apr
  • New York: 6-7 May
  • E-Learning: 13 May * 06 Jun
  • Toronto [2]: 4-5 Nov 2019
  • Vancouver: 25-26 Nov
  • Chicago: 2-3 Dec


Psychological Architectures of Digital Behavior Change - DBC2 (1-Day)
Discover how to build psychological architectures—the larger design patterns that underpin landing pages, habit loops, gamification, and more. Plus, develop new skills in building persuasive user journeys, along with 10 new principles of interactive feedback psychology.

Upcoming DBC2 Classes:

  • Toronto [1]: 10 Apr
  • New York: 8 May
  • E-Learning: 10-20 Jun
  • Toronto [2]: 6 Nov
  • Vancouver: 27 Nov
  • Chicago: 4 Dec


Emotional Design Psychology - ED (2-Day)
Discover how to build emotionally intelligent websites, apps, and campaigns by learning the psychology and neuroscience of user emotion, motivation, cognition, and behavior. Learn how to produce emotion-driven wireframes, empathetic content, emotional design audits, engaging visuals, and more.

Upcoming EDP Classes:

  • Toronto [1]: 11-12 Apr
  • New York: 9-10 May
  • Toronto [2]: 7-8 Nov
  • Vancouver: 28-29 Nov
  • Chicago: 5-6 Dec


We’ll run a 2nd E-Learning course in late 2019, so check in with us for the time.