Discuss: Tim Brown in conversation with Allan Chochinov


Tim Brown (IDEO) and Allan Chochinov (SVA) speak to each other about designers being absorbed into giant tech companies, scale in today’s world, interesting material for designers now, agency for designers today.



I thought Tim Brown was excellent. He was clear, had a perspective, disagreed gracefully and said some beautifully insightful things.

Certainly lots more detail i’d like to add from my notes, but I just wanted to be positive about it all.


I also thought Tim Brown was great, would have liked to hear more from him directly. The conversation felt a little unbalanced, with Allan often being the louder voice. It’s an interesting format, but relies heavily on the ability of the people involved to have a balanced and thoughtful conversation. This one almost got there and had really amazing moments.

@jasonmesut would love to hear more details from your notes!