Does the close button in the browser ('x') has to capture and mimic the functionalities provided inside a webpage ('Save', 'Close') and vice-versa?

  • what is the best behaviour or best practice when it comes to the closing of your browser tab (‘x’) versus the closing of your browser tab in the viewport of the system itself (a button labelled ‘Close’ or ‘Exit’)?

  • Does a website always has to automatically ‘save the changes’ coming from the user (auto-save, or display a ‘Save’ button)?

  • Does a website always has to save changes when a user interacts with the native browser’s close mechanism (‘x’) or is this behaviour only appropriate to the auto-save of save button.

I am looking for a generic approach or guidelines or best practices when it comes to addressing (or not addressing) the browser’s native close (‘x’) behaviour in conjunction with the functionalities inside a webpage.

Something vague and generic will do! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.