Does UX Design Important? Is There Any Recommendable Tool for a Beginner?

Hi guys,
I’m new to the design world, and just wondering how UX design is important in this area. If possible, can you recommend a tool that can help visualize my ideas with low learning curve. Honestly, some code-heavy toolkit make me perplexed and scared in thought of wireframing and prototyping. Please give me the reason and specifications, thank you;-)

Hey Sarah,

Yes it is an important part of any product design, it’s nothing but understanding user needs or problem, and finds the way how to solve it following by various tools like ethnographic research, contextual inquiry, persona’s, wireframes, prototype, usability testing etc…

For beginner i would recommend go though a book called “Don’t make me think” by Steve Kurg its about basic guide for how human mind perceive things.

Thank you very much @mayank_chauhan. Where can I find this book? Amazon?

No Problem… Ya you can find in Amazon.

This is a nice book for starters, webdesigners, UX designers and UI designers.
Greetings Marcel @

Thank you very much @mayank_chauhan, and it does help me understand the web usability better;-)

I wrote an article on self-study interaction design, but it focuses more on texts to study and actions to take than tools to use, which change very frequently with fashion.

Hi Sarah ,

The self study link above is great , and the advice on Steve Krug is also a good way in .

In addition you may want to try the Interaction Design Foundation , in Copenhagen , their courses will bring you up to speed in no time and the membership offers you more than you could ever wish for

Have fun