[Event] Design by Fire Café #038 - Waterwerk, interaction in a swimming pool

On Monday 17 November IxDA Nederland organizes the 38th Design by Fire Café in Utrecht.

Waterwerk, interaction in a swimming pool
Waterwerk is an interactive work of art for the pool of sports complex Koning William Alexander in Hoofddorp. The pool was equipped with ten cameras and a giant screen that interacts with the swimmers.

During the development of Waterwerk the following design issues surfaced:

  • How does interaction work in a playful, public space?
  • How do you get a group to play with a screen?
  • Is a pool suitable for digital interaction?
  • What value can we add to a ordinary pool visit?

This edition will take place at the Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht. The presentation will be held in English. The program starts at 8pm.
A free entrance, buy your own drinks event.

Please register at http://designbyfire.nl/cafe/038/