Excel Pivot Chart, confusing icons/axis labels?

Hello there,

I’m working on a Pivot Chart menu/interface which will be similar to Excel Pivot Chart to give new users a familiar starting point. Now, in Excel the Pivot Chart works nearly the same as the Pivot Table. In general this is fine, but I think I ran into a problem (highlighted in red):

Excel Pivot Table: (deleted link because I can only post one, but I hope you know what it looks like)

**Excel Pivot Chart:**http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a290/Rorschachinkblot/pivot_chart_example_zps46kogswe.png

While the chosen labels (Rows & Columns) make perfect sense for the Pivot Table, the ones used for Pivot Chart (Legend (Series) & Axis (Categories)) mostly confuse me. The icons remain exactly the same, which poses a problem when -for instance- you choose a Pie Chart.

Perhaps it’s just me though, do these labels make -enough- sense to others? Or has anyone seen a better way of displaying this?