Experience in finding sponsors

Hello Everyone,

Would you like to share your experience in looking for sponsorship? For instance, what kinds of companies/organizations support your local group? Who do you approach in those companies/organizations? What do you offer to attract their support? Etc…

We are from the Hong Kong group. We have been looking for sponsors, so that we can do more events.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,
Ada Yuen
(on behalf of the Hong Kong group)

Hi Ada Yuen (and the Hong Kong group).

The way we approach sponsorship in Switzerland (which might not be applicable in your region) si the following:

  • Ask them for specific elements, like space, food for the after the conference drinks, or travel expenses of a speaker.
  • Don’t have multiple sponsorships, instead have only one per event.
  • In exchange, give undivided visibility over the event, with a few words at the beginning of the event.

We usually target local agencies and startups with this rationale. It works well.

Happy to discuss further the matter if you want.

Thanks Gilles!

Did you get sponsors for your “conference”? Perhaps, would you like to share how you got sponsors for your conference?

“Event” is different from “conference”, isn’t it? “Event” is of smaller scale, perhaps, so 1 sponsor would be enough?