Experiences about working with non-UX stakeholders

Hello UX Practitioners,

On behalf of UX Researchers at Bloomberg, I’m posting a survey to gather UX Practitioners’ experiences working with non-UX stakeholders like Developers/Product Managers etc.

Survey link: http://bit.ly/1IvTS9Y
Expected time to complete: 30 minutes
Prizes: Five $100 Apple Gift Cards
Bonus: Help the UX Practice community :slight_smile:

We are very interested in the kind of challenges you face when discussing design decisions with non-UX stakeholders. Please consider anonymously sharing your stories for UX practitioners to learn your best practices. We hope to compile the findings and publish them for the benefit of the community.

We would be delighted and grateful to see your responses :slight_smile:

Tesh (a fellow UX Practitioner and Researcher)

Is there a shorter version of the survey? I’d love to participate but 30 mins is just too much time