Finding volunteer or pro-bono opportunities as a designer

Hi, all. I’m interested in learning if anyone knows of any good resources for finding non-profits who are in need of volunteer/pro-bono design work.

I’ve been to networking events such as the Feast conference, have seen developer hackathons and UX for Good. But beyond connections made from one’s own network, there isn’t a community or infrastructure that helps make connections between UX designers with non-profits that I know of.

It’s common enough in developer barn raisings and hackathons, and UX designers participate in those. But if you’re looking for regular opportunities to contribute as a designer, it’s challenging to find an organization where you can be useful. Volunteer sites like Volunteer Match are good, but I find that most sites like this don’t help match what you can offer with what is needed. I can’t say, “match me up with organizations that assist the homeless who are in need of interface design or front end development.” But perhaps I’m thinking of this from too narrow a perspective?

Does anyone have ideas for how else these connections can be made? This question came up recently in a tech meetup discussion I took part in, as well as in my company. I see this almost like providing a service similar to online dating for matching organizations to people. I appreciate any suggestions.

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Hi, I run into the same problem. As a UX beginner, I am looking for any kind of UX volunteer opportunities, hackathons, design competition, etc to help me get more experience as a UX designer. If you are looking for partners on a specific project / hackathon / competition, you can contact me and see if we can collaborate together! :smile:

hello ill love to be in on this as well .
maybe we can create challenges and projects oursleves building our portfolio .

If anyone is still available, I’d love to have any type of free to low cost assistance for my new website. I’m a UX and design enthusiast but definitely lack the skills. Please contact me at

I can’t think of a specific site that pairs pro-bono workers with non-profits, but a potential space for finding opportunities to contribute is Good magazine (, who publish news about projects and other social contribution news. They also run their own projects where you can get involved. Could be a good place to start?

The other option is to connect with your own local communities (municipalities, libraries, neighbourhoods, etc.). There is a website called Streetlife that aims to connect people at a local level, which could be another source of opportunity —


Taproot Foundation and Catchafire. It should say something sadly that they’re not as well known as they could be, but they’re there. I’ve done a Taproot Foundation project and it’s an interesting experience and definitely worth considering.