Free Semantic IxD intro class based on my new book UX MAGIC

Hi everyone,

At the IXDA 2014 meeting I gave an invited key note on the De-intellectualization of Design. In January I published UX MAGIC a new cog-sci based approach to a method I have labeled Semantic Interaction Design. I consider it to be one part of the antidote to what I was expressing as weakness in our overall practice at my talk in Amsterdam.

I would like to share a 1 hour talk I have done for many UX teams here in Silicon Valley to introduce this new method. I also gave an invited in person talk on this new Semantic IxD method at Carnegie Mellon HCII in Feb. So, far about 10 UX teams ranging in size from 20-2000+ have have already participated or signed up for this offer from all over the world.

If you are a UX manager/leader and would like to take me up on this offer please contact me and we will arrange a time and private session that works for your team.

Investing in education is the second most hopeful thing we can do as humans. Most people would agree that having children is the first. While the world is in crisis right now I hope you will consider this offer to level up your UX teams. There will be even more important work for us to do when this crisis is over. Teams that I have done it for recently have expressed their appreciation not only for the content but also for the small degree of normalcy it added to their routine and sense of design community.

This is one small thing that I can do from my shelter-in-place lock down to be helpful to the global design community and remain positive.

Short description of the book is at

On my site you will find a link to a Medium article which provides a broad overview about the practice of Semantic IxD. Much deeper than the book description link above.

Stay safe, regards to all. Daniel Rosenberg (