GUI Audio design

I’ve been doing IxD for the past 20 years. First for the web, which was ‘new’ back then (feeling old now), and now for more tangible touch screen consumer products. Currently I’m looking to expand my knowledge into user interface audio/sound.

With that I don’t mean playing music or ASR/TTS systems, but various forms of audio feedback, notifications, alerts etc directly relating to the UI being used. Put simply: button pops, error beeps, etc.
I want to learn about where and when to apply sound, what sound types contribute, what sound types detract or even annoy after hearing it for the umpteenth time, ‘earcons’, how sound can communicate meaning, etc.

Goal is to apply it to the user interface of our products and have enough understanding to be able to brief a sound engineer as I do not intend to design/create the sounds themselves. I leave that to experts with far more knowledge and experience.

At the moment it seems my google-fu is abandoning me.
I found some references to “HAID - Haptic and Audio Interaction Design”, but that seems mostly focussed on the haptic bit and very academic.

So my question is: Does anyone have some resources or pointers for me on the topic? Books, Articles, Blogs, microfilm?