hat are your biggest struggles working in the UX field?


Hi i am a fellow designer that knows it can be a struggle to work in the field of user experience, whatever your role is.

I would like to know what are the most common problems and struggles you have currently working in this field in order to create content that can help professionals cooperate better when designing and building experiences.

Can you fill in my short survey here]

It only takes 5 to 10 minutes (depending on how much you want to tell me :slight_smile: )

Thank you so much for making UX better!


the link won’t work. Which is OK, I can post my thoughts here:

A big problem with smaller agencies is convincing clients to spend budget on UX; they usually think ahead only in terms of business requirements and how much the thing will cost to build. They will rely on the expertise of the agency to apply best practice from their previous knowledge and assume this is just as good as a dedicated UX resource. It isn’t.

How to convince clients? Difficult. You have to explain that UX is very much about pivoting requirements back around users and not business requirements. Using previous case studies may help but it’s an ongoing battle.

I’m lucky insofar as I now work in .GOV and everything we do is heavily UCD with a big enough budget to support dedicated UX for interaction design, research and content and that’s something that would rarely happen with smaller projects.



Common problems and i have worked in .gov environments too:

  1. Discipline wars: Psychology vs HCI and attitude towards researching which is wonderful to learn from. How many users do you really need to research an interactive product against? Big debate.

  2. Having to advise the Product Manager that if they follow a specific path things may go, or will go wrong and you have had no choice but to explain why that is. They still go ahead despite the warning, and then the alternative to the issue is not explored from UX design but from a totally different field, content design! Which may raise a few eyebrows but is mentioned here solely for people to learn, and no other reason! :slight_smile:

  3. Educating the public and business what UX is, and what it can do for them when creating an interactive product. Many private and public sector business people still do not understand the reason why UX exists, or what it it does for an interactive product.

Hope that helps