Hci masters advice needed

Its my first time asking for advices in this website.
I thought this would be the place to seek out for help.

First of all, I am an international student and I have graduated from
Pennsylvania State University majored in psychology.
My cumultavie gpa is 3.79 and major gpa is 3.80
Its possible for me to get 2 recommendations from psychology professor and
1 from general education course professor.
I am currently preparing for GRE.
I did not have any experience in the lab however I have some certificates
such as microsoft specialists, and etc…

I am very interested in technology as well as user experience.
The problem is I have never studied c++ programming or anything like that…
however I still desperately want to study HCI.

The problem I have right now is that:
-I can somewhat cover the living expenses for 1 or 2 years. However I cant afford
tuition fee for masters degree in HCI.

-I know that U of Washington has 1 year program but I dont think they have
full funding for terminal masters degree.
are there any well known universities with masters in HCI program that offer full funding?

Please help me and I would appreciate any advices that are given… thank you very much!!!