Help! Looking for UX practitioners as participants for a PhD research project

Hi there,

My name is Xiao Zhang, a PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University. I am looking for UX practitioners as participants of my PhD research project.

About the research: The primary purpose of this research is to understand how theories and design methods from HCI academic research inform UX design practice through the most popular non-academic UX practitioner-focused literature, including books (excluding textbooks), blog posts and online magazine articles. The research includes two phases. Phase I aims to build a list of the most popular UX practitioner-focused books, blogs, and online magazines from which practitioners get information about theories and design methods. Phase II seeks to identify if the theories and design methods involved in the selected sources come from HCI academic research and to address how the knowledge of the theories and design methods which come from HCI academic research are related to such academic research.

What UX practitioners will do in this research: UX practitioners as participants will be involved in the phase I of this research and will be interviewed to help refine and confirm a list of the most popular UX practitioner-focused books, blogs, and online magazines created by me through a Google search. The interview will take approximately 45 minutes . Interview questions and the list of the literature will be sent to you before the interview in order to allow you to consider the questions beforehand, thereby facilitating quicker and better answers during the actual interview. You are free to refuse to answer any question at any time in the interview and are free to end the interview or withdraw from the study at any time. Interview data will be kept anonymous and secure (encrypted and stored in a locked file).

The criteria for selecting participants for this research: To achieve the research goal of this research, this interview study is aimed to include a range of UX practitioners who are working as user researchers, experience designers, interaction designers, or user interface designers at diverse companies. It is expected that participants of this study have a minimum of 3 year of professional experience working as a UX practitioner and that participants are now working for companies (including small and big companies, design consultancies, or design agencies) with more than 5 people (including employees and contractors). Apart from these criteria, this study is specifically looking for 2 particular types of UX practitioners:

  • Type 1 UX practitioners are the ones 1) who have a bachelor’s degree in HCI or in a field of design (such as interaction design, graphic design, industrial design, visual design, and so on), 2) who got their bachelor’s degree 3 years ago, and 3) who haven’t went back to school to obtain an advanced degree.

  • Type 2 UX practitioners are the ones who haven’t been formally trained in the fields of HCI or design, but who have been working as a UX practitioner for a period of over 6 years.

If you are the UX practitioner whom I am seeking and are interesting in participating, please contact me at Also, if you have questions regarding this research, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you so much for your time and help!


Xiao Zhang, PhD Candidate
School of Interactive Arts and Technology
Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada