Help needed: UX, Product and Eng Roles and Responsibilities

This is a knowledge sharing ask. I used to have this on hand, but haven’t had a need for it in years and can’t find it.

I am seeking a roles and responsibilities matrix for User Experience, Product Management and Engineering. Back in the day it was called a RACI matrix, but really, anything that defines who owns what, is responsible who what, or gives input on, and makes decisions on, what would be awesome. UX evangelism and education is fun!

I recently tried this RACI approach on a UX project and got poo pooed by the client who did not get why i needed to know this information. :slight_smile: I sympathise with your plight, it doesn’t fit with Agile too well when you have interchangeable staff unless your in one of ‘those’ environments?

Call it a transformation space. It is recognized that a redefinition if roles and responsibilities needs to occur since many ties appear to be stepped on and inefficiencies are finally being seen for what they are. :slight_smile: I believe it would be useful for the discussions to come.

@ckeryakes did you finally got something elsewhere that you would like to share? I was doing the career path plan for my company back in 2016 I discovered that IBM had a job description for many roles including UX ones, but the information, as you can imagine, was very expensive for a small company like ours. I would love to know more about that RACI matrix.