Help us map the state of Interaction Design Education today

For the first time, IxDA is undertaking an international survey of interaction design education, both from an academic and industry perspective. We’re interested in creating a baseline report on how the practice is currently being taught, across the spectrum of programs and technologies, and what are industry expectations of design graduates against their hiring needs.

We’ve put together this survey with the input of an international advisory group of educators and industry stakeholders from the IxDA community.

The results of the survey will be published and made freely available during Interaction Week in February 2017, will help raise awareness about the scope of interaction design education options, directions for the future, and provide insights into current industry challenges and education outcomes.

The report will look for trends in interaction design education and employment, offer a summary of the current status of the space – the scope and nature of programs, the number of students, faculty and employers, how they see the profession and where they think the industry is headed.

IxDA intends this to be the first of an annual survey. Taking a few minutes to complete the survey will be a valuable contribution to the community.

Participate today
To complete the survey, please select whether you are submitting as an academic program or an industry employer. The survey will remain open through 6 September 2016.

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If you have questions about the survey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Hi Brenda ,

I had a problem with your SurveyMonkey.
What I would like to share with you is to enhance , support and help with distribution of the Interaction Design Foundation courses . They are in essence a 1st Global Virtual University at no cost and we need to get word our globally , and urgently .
I think it is safe to say that our planet is in a state of collapse and we’re not going to fix it with money or politics , we’re going to fix it with Education - IDF type education .

Best regards ,

Hi Dereck,

Thanks for the feedback. IxDA and the Interaction Design Foundation have a friendly collaboration and we do cross promote each others’ initiatives.


Many thanks Brenda ,

This is great to know .
I am going to refrain from further comments re the IDF as i believe I might have stepped on some toes when trying to get word out ito how beneficial their courses are .
You pretty much answered my question though .

All the best,