Here's a controversial topic -research vs ux research vs marketing research vs business research

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So this interaction designers working for this company and they have a ‘active business research department’.

As well as marketing research
As well as business research

The interaction designer must still do there own research even if crossover research exists that the business provides?

But the business struggles to understand why the interaction designer then needs a budget for research purposes.


I’m not really clear what you’re asking. I think you mean to say some thing like “some companies have research departments. They research things like marketing, business intelligence etc but they don’t have a dedicated team for usability research. Why don’t companies have a usability research department?”

Well, competently run, large companies do have dedicated UX teams along side marketing and business etc. Sure there is lots of cross over but if there is good enough internal communication this overlap is good .

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Key to answering the question is the word, discuss.

I totally have no idea what this thread is about