How do you categorize UX?

I’ve been trying to apply for another job in the field of UX. I was lucky to enter this “industry” and been working on user interface and product management, but I found it hard to categorize myself so that I can better find the next and for others to find me. How would you put yourself into the job market with the skillsets in UX?


Hi Pyllo ,
You don’t state experience , age or qualification but it is important to know that UX is the new intelligence in Business IQ , the other side of the MBA coin.
CEO’s /MD’s etc will not be able run companies any longer without a UX Designer .
UX started off with tech , electronics & digital issues - the same thinking and testing is being drawn into business thinking / models across the board .
Have a look at Service Design on the Interaction Design Foundation website - this will answer your question.

Happy reading