How do you sort options in a menu?

For example, video quality (high , med, low), interval of some on/off options(1 min, 3 min, 5 min, off),

when these go to a vertical menu. How do we determine the order of them? descending from top to below? I think we are used to seeing options like video quality having the best quality at the top, worst at the bottom. How about quantities? I think I’ve seen both cases somewhere, but I think there should be some theories/norms behind, yeh?

As a rule of thumb: The more you have to travel the more you get.
Therefore I would distinguish between pop-up and pop-down menus. That means for a pop-down menu I would start counting down 1/3/5min; while for a pop-up menu (a menu that opens to the direction above the cursor) I would put the 5 minutes at the top.
In addition, what are the defaults? What are the recommended values? This has an impact on the design as well.