How to convey the right sense of place in a portal login

Our home page uses a Canadian and US flag to launch into two distinct customer portals.
The portals represent Oil and Gas data - which have historically being called US and Canada.
And so our customers have grown up thinking this way.
The challenge is that as we have grown so has our customer base;now we have customers around the world and the majority of that international data lives in the Canadian portal.
Our international customers, understandably, have to be told that the portal they want is behind the Canadian Flag.

I have thought of removing the flags and using world globes with text “United States” or “Canada / International”, or one United States flag and one globe saying “Canada / International”.
Either way it still has the North American viewpoint.
The perfect solution would be to have one portal, one login but for now this will not be implemented due to time and technical constraints.
And so I wrestle with what image to convey on this page.
I would be interested in hearing from others who have also had this challenge and how was it solved. An entire makeover, some quick unique hacks, or are we making a mountain out of a molehill?