How to deal with forum spam

Hey All,

Just a heads up that I’ve seen some spam coming into the forum, even though we have a lot of restrictions to avoid it. If you happen to see anything that looks like, or is obviously, spam please use the “flag” feature at the bottom of the post and mark it as spam. When you do that a moderator gets notified immediately and the account in question is marked as a spammer. If an account gets multiple flags for spam it is blocked and the posts are hidden.

The community moderation tools in this platform are quite good, so please make use of them where appropriate!


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Can you guys add a moderator-required approval for first-timer messages? That would prevent these from getting out, 99% of the time, I would think.

I can look into it. Discourse (this platform) has also put a lot of work into using rules based systems to prevent/discourage spam, and it seems to generally work. The community spam fighting tools (like flag to ban thresholds) are also very robust, which means we have better methods to police our community together, rather than rely on a small group like we have in the past.

I’m keeping a close watch on it for now, since the whole things is new.

If you want to read more about spam and the Discourse platform check out this thread on the meta forum:

Also, one of the creators of this platform wrote a great post about spam from his experience running Stack Exchange:

Not a complaint, but a data point - I’m now seeing some of the forum email notifications I get marked as spam by gmail…