How to let a company you work for know you exist!

I work in a medium sized company of around 700. We have lots of departments, lots of products and I am the only dedicated UX in the company. Our software is for large, public sector clients and is, by and large, pretty bad. So you would think I would have lots to work on. I don’t.

Internal communication seems to be fragmented and while I produce good work folks are happy with, I just don’t see other managers see any value in UX because they simply don’t know I exist.

This has to change.

But how?
Here’s what I am proposing and would love input from anyone here who has experienced similar.

**Open invite webinars - explain what UX is and how it has helped improve products

**Ask managers I have worked with to refer me to other departments

**Draw up a list of managers to target, research their product and email them directly

Anything else I could be doing? FYI my remit was never about self promotion but I can’t see me staying on if there’s nothing to do.

Definitely the webinar idea. We did those here too when trying to explain why UX and yes sales we really need to talk to customers if you want product X to be successful.
But what you really need is one major success. Since we had ours we no longer have people asking why are you going to talk to my customer? Now we have too much work.
How you get that one major success I have to leave to you. Is there one manager who supports you who has a critical project that you can concentrate 100% on to show value? Or is there another who while not a critical project has a high profile and needs some help, a different way of approaching the problem. Someone who would laud your skills throughout the org if you solved their problem.
Also who do you immediately report to? Where is their accountability in helping you be successful?
We at least had that representing us in product and project management meetings from the get go.
Sounds like your major blocker is your company does not realize that their products are failing because presumably they are still making a profit. A big embarrassing failure helps a lot in promoting UX in such an environment.

They are all good ideas depending on the person you’re addressing. I would just take care when you present your case that you show how you can help, that you’re not out to fix anything, or save the day, as some project managers can be protective of their turf. Focus on how competition is always catching up and UX is now the true differentiator instead of feature set. Good workflow = happy customers = repeat customers = word of mouth reputation, etc.

I’ve been given the clear to do a webinar which is great! And someone else rightly pointed out that it is a good idea to keep company products out of the presentation. I’m using lots of humerous real world examples of some uxfails; these are good ways of provoking thought and discussion.

You’ll freak everyone out if you run a Userability Test of UX testing on your own Company .
UX testing is not just about sites , it is about everything .

Had a HR case where someone did this un-authorised and had the Outcome sent to the Board .

It is few years later and he is on the Board .
Testing will also save them a truckload of money or make them a truckload , see what happens if you touch someone’s money .

Mark , the Facebook person , has gone Digital Telepathy - we don’t have time for the traditional stuff anymore , put some R&D into where Mark is heading .