How to supplement my UX program

Hi everyone,

My name is Phuong-Cat Ngo and I am part of the University of Michigan’s undergraduate program for the UX/UI design pathway. I went to the education summit this past weekend and felt that I have an alarming gap between what I know right now and what I should be knowing before graduation.

Is there any online/remote/etc programs that I can do while I am in school that can supplement and fill in the gaps? I hope to be a well-prepared entry level UX designer when I graduate in December.

Phuong-Cat Ngo

Hello Phuong-Cat :slight_smile:

What I am finding with the designers and researchers I am currently mentoring is there is a gap in their sales skills. You will need to convince employers you are right for the position, team and company -selling yourself as the solution, and then within your position you will need to convince your coworkers and/or clients that your ideas are the right solution, and then be able to negotiate your ideas with coworkers and clients. In the end its about sales skills. Depending on your natural talents and skills, and how you learn, you might be able to expand your knowledge via reading or a local workshop.

I have mentored and managed a few people out of University of Michigan’s program, and I find their skills are needing strengthening in usability principles. For this I recommend attending research reviews and looking at papers. I am not familiar with any training program that includes this in their curriculum. UXPA’s conference normally has a research review.

I could go on, but let me know if you want me to elaborate.



Hi Phuong-Cat Ngo ,

You could do some research on “Red & Yellow” and “Getsmarter” in Cape Town , South Africa . Very helpful online scenario .
Or , you could try the IDF ( Interaction Design Foundation) in Denmark , they to have everything you need packaged online .

Good luck

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From my current experience in the job market, you need to get a UX internship. Employers are looking for direct industry experience. I regret not doing an internship whilst I was still enrolled!


Thank you so much for all the feedback you guys! I will definitely look into furthering my education and gaining more experience :slight_smile: