How to validate suggested feature without user?

Many times we suggest some solutions or feature based on our experience and user are not present at that period, and we have to launch our design asap … in that case what will be the right approach to validate it?

In a situation like you just mentioned, it’s best to work closely with the Business Analysts/Content Managers. In my experience they have a good understanding of the audience they are building/designing the product for. Also the content is developed and curated by the BAs/Content Management team. I’d also look to work closely with other people in the stakeholder team who can validate what you/your team has done against the context of the design project. Hope this helps.

Not much to add to this except some competitor research or similar is often handy.

We have this happening right now with one of our products.
We take the first release to the field as a free trial and use those as our usability tests. In this case our rapid deployment was driven by a the need to get a brand new concept validated in the real world. Everyone from Product Mgmt on down understood the trial feedback would drive rapid iteration to fix, adjust, and improve.
Its not ideal but it works.
Also in our case much of the UX is based on lots of user research from many other projects. It sounds like yours is the same so I would ask yourself if you really are going in blind or if your previous experience reflects real user feedback or your own educated guesses.

I’d add that I’d be careful using the word validate when doing this.

When you don’t think you have time to get feedback from users before you ship, you’re basically guessing. Even if do you what others have said, you’re still guessing. Nothing is being validated.

Now, by using the expertise of others in the organization, you’re mitigating the risk of that guessing. That’s a good thing.

I wouldn’t play down that you’re guessing. And I wouldn’t cover up that you’re not ensuring it works with users before you ship. People should understand they are taking risks, even mitigated ones.

The risk of pretending something is validated that isn’t is you’ll train management that you don’t really need user feedback before designs, which will make it hard to get any in the future.