I Want to start in UX Design


Can anyone tell me about how to get started the steps needed as im doing this because i found ux Designing interesting can anyone help me out …Thanks!


Hello Harsh,

Can you tell more about the “intersting” part that you think? So we can think in a path for you first step, but we need to know what you think is intersting and where you are now.



Yes All the designing stuff and to make website more responsive and to be user friendly .Im From INDIA,Mumbai i want to know what to do to make which app to use to make best ux design!


I don’t know if this helps, but my school has online courses about UX Research and Design. http://ai.umich.edu/learningop/ux-micromasters/

People have suggested to look onto dribbble and find the latest trends in regards to web and app designing.


Hi, Harsh.
I would advise a introduction course to UX design before something more technical, like mastering Sketch or Axure.
The Interaction Design Foundation is a great place to learn (online), check this: https://www.interaction-design.org/courses/become-a-ux-designer-from-scratch
Subscribe to Nielsen Norman Group newsletters, read the great articles they share every week or so.

If you want visual inspiration, there is Dribble and Behance!

I hope it helped.