Ideal Process of Design

Most of the people(in mostly MNC’s) believe that of their is certain process we have to follow to make good design, but i am really wondering.
As a design why i am restricted to particular process, is in it evolving?
What i believe their is not ideal process of design their can be a multiple approach to doing it to solve problem.

Dear Mayank,
I would say that following a process defined by your fellow peers before you isn’t a restriction, but a guidance. A compass, if you will, that can point you into a right direction. It is your decision, as a designer, whether you want to use this process at all, or whether you want to bend that process to fit your way of working.
Keep in mind, though, that using a predefined process is a good thing if you are doing it right.

But I agree that there are definitely many ways of approaching a design problem.

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Project limitations, budgets will shape the process too. I’ve worked on lots of smaller projects where there was hardly any time for research and we had to make the best of what we had etc. So I think there is a general UX process of research > build > test > refine but this can be affected quite drastically by the constraints of the project

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Hi Hawasan,

I think flowing a pre defined process like Agile or Lean is safe way of approach but many times it end up with lot of time, i think as designer we need to understand the context then define the process accordingly, but it will comes with the experience.

Hi Colmcq,

Ya i am today agree with it, but for a product company where they wanted to make best product, they want to make their best product…

In that case i think we have to plan our process according to context and nothing wrong in any process it has to be efficient.