Interaction 15 Ticket Swap


Starting a thread for Interaction 15 ticket swap. Do you have a ticket to Interaction 15 and you can no longer go? Do you want to go but don’t have a ticket? If you’re in either category, please post here!

I’ll start: a friend of mine needs a ticket to IxD15. Any spares out there?


I also would love a ticket and would be more than happy to pay a few hundred extra so everyone ends up happy :slight_smile:

Kindest regards


Hi fellow designers!

I am also looking for a ticket, if you have a spare one it would make my day.
email me at ( : willing to pay extra.



Yes, I’d like one, too. Please contact me at if one becomes available. Thanks!



So, I booked my plane ticket to SF a few days before the conference sold out. Anyone wanna hook me up?


I’m looking for a ticket for IxD15. I’m willing to pay even if it includes the EDU Summit. Please email:



I’m looking for a ticket for Interaction15.
Sob story: I’ve wanted to attend one of these for 7 years, this year is the first time I have the time and money, but it’s sold out. I live in SF, so this is particularly painful.

please help me!


Hi All,

Looking for a ticket to Interaction 15!



Hi all,

I am looking for 2 tickets??? we are coming all the way from Ireland and have our flights and accommodation already booked. We were devastated to hear all the tickets were sold out :frowning:


Hello everyone,

I’m also in the market for a ticket—please let me know if you have one I can take off your hands!

Please and thanks,


I am looking to buy a ticket if anyone has an extra or isn’t able to attend. Please contact me if you have one available.


I am looking to buy a ticket for interactions 15. ~D4


A ticket’s been put up on eBay for anyone still looking:


Also looking to buy a ticket.


I am looking to buy a ticket for interactions 15. Thanks !


Are any of these requests still active?

I’m now looking to sell mine – full conference ticket w/ YBCA theater keynote. Yours for face value, if you’re first to email dave.hora at

Edit: this one’s taken


I am also looking for a ticket.

Email me at or text me at 8015566313.


I will not be able to make it to the education summit on Sunday and I would like to sell my ticket. I am flexible on price, please contact me if you are interested or call/text 805-453-0619


Looking for a ticket if anyone has one to sell. Thanks! 415-728-7360


Looking for a ticket to the EDU Summit. Email if you have a spare. Happy to pay full price.