Interaction/UX Course in Sydney, Australia

Hi there,

I’m very interested in becoming an interaction or UX designer and am attempting to decide upon which undergraduate course to begin my studies with.

I have a choice of two Bachelor’s programs in Sydney.

A Bachelor of Design with UNSW-

Or a Bachelor of Design Computing with USYD-
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The links above should give you a good indication of the content of the courses.
From what I can see, the UNSW course is a more traditional and heavier ‘design’ degree ,and provides a deeper foundation in graphic design principles. Whereas the USYD degree is more technical and you jump right into coding and user experience with only a basic course in visual communication.

My question is, would it be more beneficial to start with the UNSW course, get a good foundation in design, while still doing a little bit of interaction design, and THEN top it off with a Masters in interaction design. Or am I wasting my time and should just jump into design computing?