Is it worth it to study Interaction Design as a college major?

Hi everyone,

A college here in Canada has a 4-year Bachelor of Interaction Design program. It’s the only IXD-focused program here in Canada. Was just wondering if it’s worth it to major in Interaction Design. How employable will I be? Is there a good supply of Interaction Design jobs?

Also, how much do Interaction Designers typically make?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jessica,

An Interaction Designer can do a lot of things. Usability testing and User Experience is an industry that is growing these days. Interface Design (more graphical) in case of applications, software, mobile apps and websites is also a good business, but requires a designers eye too. What part of interaction design do you like?

Have a look at this Interaction Design Infographic from my Pinterest account:

Also read this question at maybe: Question for education research purposes

Hope this is helping you.

Greetings from the Dutch Interaction Designer

Hi Jessica ,

IxD is probably the most valued multidisciplinary qualification you can get .The thinking is going to trickle into everything around us hence the massive demand for UX Designers .
We also offer a 4yr program and I am amazed by the interest and take up .
Apart from the role Universities play to enhance the study field, all future CEO’s will consult with their UX Designers before they talk to anyone else .

You cant go wrong here . Have a look (research) the different UX landscapes form Japan to LA to ensure that you tie in with the global approach .

Best ,