IXD and UXD, which one to choose as career along with graphic design?

Hi friends,

I have been working in web and graphic design industry for more than three years, I have a good understanding of HTML and CSS and some working knowledge of JavaScript.

Since technologies and devices are emerging I want to increase my knowledge and skill, I want your opinions and suggestions about which one I can add with my primary skill of graphic design? Graphic and Interaction Designer or Graphic and User Experience Designer.

Thanks you all for your guidance.

To answer this question, is both easy and confusing. I’m going to stick w/ easy and not over explain why.
Choose UX. Why? It is the title winner for the broadest range of roles and talents.

IxD is the skillset and discipline I think given what you describe is what you need and there are definitely roles out there for Visual Interaction Designers w/ prototyping skills, but if you went for “UX”, you’d be communicating a holistic perspective that more hiring managers would probably understand.

I see more and more openings with the title “Interaction designer” with skills as frontend developer with a bit of UXD. UX is broader for sure, but then A/B testing, User testing (live) and so come in view. This is more the testing not practical side of the job.

Tip: look at job discriptions and see what you like the more. I say: Interaction Designer with focus on Frontend development.

Good Luck!

Many thanks… yeah I have made up my mind to add interaction design as my new skill :slight_smile:

Thanks David, as far as I understood your answer the interaction design is focused on behaviors we put through html5 and javascript, and the user experience is about the entire system of software flow. Am I right?

Many thanks. :slight_smile:

Ya know what, I re-read your question in detail and I don’t think I answered it properly at all.
You are trying to decide between IxD and UX and it’s like choosing between a bagel and bread.
IxD is one of many disciplines within the bounds of user experience.

Explore all of user experience. That includes IxD, IA, usability, ethnographic research, etc. Heck, it even includes graphic design. I don’t see how today you can really pick one discipline and just say that! … If you do want focus, then to me I would choose IxD if I was mostly interested in transactional systems or IA if I was more interested in information based systems. Both of theses are two sides of the same coin which is systems behavior (where the system includes computation, people, purpose, etc.)

Good luck!
– Dave

I do not understand what I say to you. A web designer should know graphic design moreover, how you will make a website.


As someone who also came from a design background, then got into web design, I would actually recommend Interaction Design to you as opposed to more general UXD. The reason for this is that you already have one foot in the door based upon your design experience.

Don’t think of it in terms of “where can I get a job” or “who’s hiring the most for a certain role”… there are always roles available for each discipline. At the end of the day, it’s best for you to take all your existing knowledge and migrate it into an area where it will count, such as IXD. UXD tends to be a more (dare I say) “ethereal”, more HCI/academic drive behind it. The barrier-to-entry is much higher than IXD because of that. Whereas IXD is a natural progression of your history, and won’t force you to leave all your design knowledge behind.

it’s no good getting into a UXD role simply because the job is easier to get… not when it’ll take years longer to become as proficient as you would be in the same amount of time in IXD.

My 2p :wink:

Good luck!