IxDA Goals for Review and Comment

Hi Everyone
Since Interaction14 in Amsterdam, your new IxDA Board of Directors and Officers have been working hard to improve our ability to thrive as an organization and continue to serve the community with inspiring content, engaging discussions, and enriching events. Our first task was to articulate our objectives at the global level and connect these goals to the efforts of each of IxDA’s main initiatives. We’re sharing these goals below for the review and comment of the community and as a step towards greater transparency into IxDA’s strategy and operations.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to future collaboration. Thank you for your support!


Nick Gould

Global Goals

  1. Increase awareness, through action as well as communication, that IxDA is a mission-driven organization (i.e. not in the business of self-perpetuation, professional advocacy, or profit-making).

  2. Strengthen IxDA’s core operations - including articulation of our governance principles and procedures - so that we will continue to operate effectively while incorporating new voices and perspectives on the board and in key leadership roles.

  3. Increase the regular flow of funds into the organization through revenue generation and fundraising so that we can support the volunteer leadership with an expanded professional staff.

  4. Empower local groups and community members as the primary leaders of the platforms and initiatives that advance IxDA’s mission.

Tech Platform Goals

  1. To better address the growing needs of our Local Groups through an improved web platform for Local including a group directory, individual group website support, events aggregation, and more.

  2. Highlight the amazing content, events, and conversations happening in the IxDA community globally through an improved IxDA.org that will act as the hub of all things IxDA including content aggregation and publishing, highlighting IxDA produced content throughout the year, and increased communication with our community, and organizational information.

  3. Bring the design community together through a new online professional home where we can work to further the practice of interaction design through more robust online discussion tools and content curation.

Events Office Goals

  1. To document the tools and processes used for events on a global, national and local scale, and to make them available so that others may leverage them.

  2. To provide mentorship and support of new IxDA Event committees towards the successful planning and running of IxDA Events.

Interaction Awards Goals

  1. Increase global outreach, attracting more work from outside the traditional IxD/UX strongholds.

  2. Become a year-round vehicle of IxDA’s mission, creating awareness about Interaction design by elevating and amplifying exemplar work from around the world.

  3. Build a platform to showcase and curate the global state of Interaction Design featuring thought-leaders from our community.

  4. Create a long-term mutual partnership with one or more corporate entities to sustain and develop the Interaction Awards

Local Goals

  1. Global supports Local: To support the autonomy and sustainability of local groups through continuous improvement of Global tools, infrastructure, and guidance.

  2. To spread awareness of the discipline of Interaction Design by fostering local groups and empowering individuals to take action within their local communities.

  3. IxDA is a global community, and we support each region’s specific needs by empowering IxDA’s Regional Coordinators to help them steward and support their local groups as is regionally appropriate.

Student Design Challenge Goals

  1. Spread awareness of and involvement in SDC among current undergraduate and graduate students.

  2. Showcase outstanding design students and the state of IxD education through the demonstration of the skills and practice of current students.

  3. Increase global outreach to students to attract more SDC applications from a broader community.

  4. Strengthen core operations by creating better communication platforms.