IXDA website update

I saw the new IXDA homepage and I was wondering…

How is possible to have such a bad user experience design for the most known website on UX and IXD in the world?

I’m quite disappointed.



I’m not responsible for this site, but I’d note that your question is just an accusation put in the guise of an unanswerable question (also followed up with your disappointment, as if the organization’s goal is to earn your approval).

Perhaps if you could point out some detailed problems with a reasonable analysis you might engender some conversation, get some answers, or see some improvement. And don’t forget it’s a volunteer community of practice. You can volunteer some improvements and design rationale behind those improvements to give people even more to respond to.


I totally agree with you, I got carried away + I misjudged the purpose of this category.
Speaking rational the first thing I would fix is the menu:

  • the hierarchy is not totally clear
  • while you move your mouse from the category to the sub-category, could happen that you change category not on purpose
  • the “subscribe to the newsletter” form doesn’t provide immediate feedback for all the kind of mistakes
  • the most part of the links are without an hover animation/aspect changing.

This is just a superficial exam but these are the things that got me frustrated and led me to that bad question.

@chrisnoessel - I understand your frustration. Please let’s not shoot @Andrea_Pedrina or any other user down for their reaction. That doesn’t breed discussion very well. This is a volunteer community, yes. But this is also a user experience design community - blaming the user for their emotional response is very “unusercentric” of us. In most user testing events I’ve done - a response like @Andrea_Pedrina had is often the beginning of a stream of very useful design feedback. Let’s instead say,

“Thank you, @Andrea_Pedrina, for stating what I have heard many designers say when visiting this site. Now let’s brainstorm some ways to improve this user experience. I agree improvement is needed…”

Maybe someone could post the link for sending feedback, mockups etc. Encourage getting involved. Thanks so much!

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Thanks @Sandiski, you’re right but I could’ve be more kind.
Anyway as you can read above I stated out some first impression issues from which we could start working.

I would be happy to work with others to redesign this site. I am on a team of designers here who could user test the mockups. Interested?


Couple things on first glance

  • homepage carousel: carousels are a bit risky. http://shouldiuseacarousel.com/
  • Drop down menus are horizontal, i have more distance to travel with my mouse to acquire them (fitts law)
  • when i go to the homepage there are some things more important than others: i don’t care much about twitter but it takes up lots of space!
  • 2017 conference box is a bit buried towards the bottom of the page. Isn’t it a bit more important than that?

I’m really busy at the moment to build some cool mockups but if we find some other collaborator I would for sure do my part

Thanks for this discussion about the new ixda.org platform.

To better understand the components of the homepage, you may want to start here to read about our approach to the redesign: https://medium.com/@daniellemalik/case-study-ixda-org-redesign-6390558bdef8#.z0v111frx

The current site is an MVP and we have intentions to incorporate additional user feedback and suggestions in future improvements. Please send suggestions and feature requests to feedback@ixda.org

If you would like to be part of the volunteer team that maintains the IxDA website and answers troubleshooting requests from users, you can send your interest to volunteer@ixda.org

As @chrisnoessel pointed out, we are a volunteer-led community. Your input is what allows us to continue to serve the wider IxDA audience.