Let's improve Lives of Millions of People Globally, Together and with Technology

Bonolota Innovation and jaduFone

What if you had the opportunity to help improve lives of millions, if not Billions, and in the process save a lot of life - with technology, mostly. Wouldn’t you at least give a try? Bring joy and happiness to millions?

About jaduFone:

Affordable to someone makes around $5 a day, jaduFone in native language, very easy to use, not only matches the context of user’s lifestyle and career, helps and guides on how to improve career and have a better life. And they are the Majority of the people in this world.

Another Magic: Anyone can convert their Android, Microsoft etc phones into jaduFones (with some limitations), but there will be a signature Jadu Phone in the market, like Google’s Nexus.

User Experience is in the core of jaduFone for superb User Experience. Possibilities are there that for further R&D of jaduFone, JaduPC, mainly jaduOS Bonolota Inovations will be working with top notch HCI related research Universities in the UK or USA.

We intend to work collaboratively with various organisations and institutions of any sizes, and even free-lancers on the project.

Our market: Majority of the world: villages, small towns in the developing, lesser developed and least developed ones mostly.

We innovate technologies for a strata of society overlooked by big technology innovators, an untapped market in other words (from business point of view).

Our goal: To innovate technologies that improve lives of millions, if not billions, throughout the world. jaduFone is being design for Majority of the world’s people’s personal economic growth throughout the word, should we succeed - a better world economy awaits with lots of Happy People in it.

Bonolota Innovations’ product line:

  • jaduFrone (patent pending)
  • JaduPC (patent pending)
  • JaduTV (patent pending)
  • Jadu Car Bumber (patent pending)
  • Jadu Life (patent pending)

We invite you to join our initiatives - the least we can do is try, after all life is too short, end of the day - what we do and did will matter, and good deeds I hear echoes throughout history.

Bangladeshi pride Dr. Muhammad Yunus’ book 'Banker to the Poor’ is our inspiration to be the ‘Technologists to the Poor’.

Here’s a 10 minute YourTube clip discussing the jaduFone project: https://youtu.be/B_G5Q4XEK9Y - I, myself talking Openly, though project work being done in a stealth more: before 2015 Dec Launch - we need to start coming out public, bit by bit.

Your expert opinions and constructive criticism will be highly appreciated.


Masrur Hannan,
Founder and Lead Innovator,
Bonolota Innovations.

mh@bonolota.com | +88 01713 027 007