Looking for Advice: Interaction Design Career Path & Job Titles

I am working towards improving the career path for my IxD team and would love your advice.

Broadly, the creative/visual design path often starts at Designer and moves to Senior Designer, Art Director, Associate Creative Director, Creative Director and above. I know this varies, but my question is specifically about the UX level between Senior Interaction Designer and Associate Director.

What is the equivalent of Art Director in our field? Lead? Manager? Those titles are problematic at my org for various reasons. Anything else come to mind?

Thanks in advance!

Hi /G
What kind of organization are you working in?
Why wouldn’t IxDs move in the same trajectory as your other creative roles?
Shouldn’t an IxD get the opportunity to direct design projects the same as an visual designer would be considered?

We are an internal team and we use the following, but I don’t think it would work for you based on what you said above:
Jr. IxD, Staff (unstated, actually) IxD, Sr. IxD, Lead IxD, Team Lead IxD (playing w/ this), IxD Manager, Sr. Manager, etc.

Something I would make sure to do, is not create any differentiation between your visual design track and your IxD track. Any perception of difference is going to be twisted into a perception of devaluation among your team (that goes both ways, btw).

Good luck!

Thanks! Good advice!

I think Sophie Freiermuth has the start of an interesting framework around some of the different ways career progression can work in the UX world.

I hesitate to summarise it myself, but you might want to catch the video and deck from her talk earlier this year. Don’t be put off by the ‘agile’ bit in the title (not that I think you should be put off by that!) it’s not really just about agile teams.

This is really a good and interesting question you have asked my friend and I really appreciate it.

Well you are right about the organizational hierarchy of a designer to the creative director, as my opinion the IXD should be a stand-alone person for any digital organization as he/she bears a distinctive and dynamic role just like the @daveixd said that IxD should get the opportunity to directly design the project from visual down to the interactive purposes. He/she is a person who bears psychological knowledge about something we called user centered design.

In this case, you could be a self-proclaimed interaction designer but at first you need you will have to prove yourself for that title by learning the ixd best practices and design patterns and after that you can ask to your senior to entitle you as interaction designer of your company.

Many thanks.