Looking for examples of US state selectors where the user can select multiple US states

Most of the time I see dropdowns used for US states because most of the time a user only needs to provide one state for an address.

I’m working on a value exchange form/tool that asks you how many business locations you have and you need to input all the states because there are various state regulations that affect what kind of services we can offer you.

Anyone ever seen anything good? I’m thinking of maybe just using a map with mouse over states that say the name. onClick: selects/unselects. But I know that’s going to take me forever to build in axure.

I guess I’m looking for a mechanism for selecting a lot of items at once.

The most obvious one I have seen is a dropdown with checkboxes next to each item.
The worst I have seen is the dropdown without checkboxes and by trial and error you figure out you can choose multiple items.

My worry about a dropdown is that the total set of options is obscured, meaning you can’t look at all 50 states in one view and see what you’ve checked and what you haven’t.

A dropdown makes you scroll up and down to verify when you’re done.

But I made a big list of just checkboxes and my strategy team says it looks too ugly basically. But my point of view is it provides all the options in a visual cluster and from an interaction standpoint all you have to do is a single click of each one. It’s super easy. Just not pretty :confused:

Here is one we use. I have to admit that the “Select From Dropdown” was not obvious to me that it meant it could do multiple select. The lack of checkboxes, once you know this is how it works, makes it cleaner.

This is a mouse driven interface. This example still does not allow your to first see all fifty options, but it does clearly show afterwards which ones you picked and then allows you to remove any very easily. In our case that regenerates the filter and the map redraws with only the data items that applies to those areas showing.
Could you use a large menu if seeing all 50 states from the get go is a requirement?